Iconic Joe Louis Arena Seats

Q.– How can I buy seats from the Joe Louis Arena?

A. – Seats will be offered for sale online at www.thejoeseats.com

 Q.– When can I buy my seats?

A. – Seat sales will begin on May 1 at 8:00 AM ET for all Red Wing season ticket holders, and will open to the general public on May 12, 2018 at 8:00 AM ET. 

Q. – How much are my seats going to be?

A. – Seat Prices will range from $50.00 to $250.00 per seat (Sold in minimum orders of 2 seats).

Q.- How do I know my seats are authentic?

A.– Every seat will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. We are not selling any seats that were not located at the Joe Louis Arena.

 Q.– Why can’t I buy just (1) seat?

A.– Due to shared arm rests we must configure seats to be sold in pairs.

Q.– How long do I have to select my own seat?

A. – The option to select specific seats will be available to season ticket holders until 1:00 PM ET May 11, 2018. After May 11th, season ticket holders may continue to purchase seats, however their preferred seat may not be available.

Q. – Are my seats ready to use?

A. – The Floor Mounted seats are free standing; however, we still recommend Seat Feet/Brackets for added stability. The Riser Seats will require mounting Seat Feet/Brackets, or some other type of alteration work, as they were vertically mounted in the arena. Brackets and feet can be obtained at the time of purchase.

Q. – How can I acquire the Seat Feet and Brackets for my seats?

A. – The Seat Feet/Brackets are available from Stadium Seat Depot.  

Q. – How do I get physical possession of my seats?

A. – We are offering (2) ways to obtain your seats. 1) Your seats can be picked up on site at the Joe Louis Arena starting 11:00 AM ET May 14, 2018 (see website for additional removal times offered) or 2) Contact (313)-392-6000 or email store3981@theupsstore.com to schedule any other custom shipping requests.   

Q. – Are there any loading charges for my seats?

A. – No, there are no additional charges for loading the seats onto your vehicle. This service is being provided as a courtesy. However, risk of damage is assumed by the buyer.

Q. – How can I pay for my seats?

A. – You will need to register and pay with a credit or debit card online. Please contact our office at 1-800-527-8243, if you require an alternate payment method.

Q. – Are these seats refundable?

A. – No. All sales are final. All seats are being sold as is, with no warranties.  These seats are original, authentic, used Joe Louis Arena seats. 

Q. – Are there other items from the Joe Louis Arena that will be sold?

A. – Yes, there are other items and these announcements will be forthcoming and on our Orbitbid.com website.

Q. – How long do I have to buy seats?

A. – Due to the decommissioning process and timeline of the Joe Louis Arena, seat sale will end on 10/23/18 with final day for removal/pick up on 10/26/18.